Acar Lab

Interdisciplinary strategies through molecular-level design for biomedical applications

The principal theme of our research is to go beyond creating proofs-of-concept to discover useful innovative solutions.

We use peptide and molecular engineering tools and materials science perspectives to design materials and tools for biomedical applications in tissue engineering and immunotherapies. Our research focus is on the discovery of intermolecular interactions and their effects on resultant materials. We design new molecules with modular properties for desired applications and study their structure-function relations on cells and tissues. We create materials for tissue engineering, in vitro and in vivo 3D cancer models, vaccine and drug carriers, cancer immunotherapy, and vaccine adjuvants.

April 2021

Lab News

Seren Hamsici received the 2021-2022 Dolese Fellowship!

Seren Hamsici received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award of Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering!

Seren Hamsici received Roberson Award from the University of Oklahoma, VPR!

Gokhan Gunay received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award of the Graduate College!

We received Stephenson Cancer Center, Gynecologic Cancer Seed Award!

Advika Kamatar received the Outstanding Senior Award from Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering!

Advika Kamatar and Ofelya Baghdasaryan defended their Senior Thesis successfully!